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Jon Shaffer | Senior Strategist for Grassroots Organizing

Jon loves to think about and build volunteer organizations that generate power for the right to health. During the past three years with Partners In Health, he has led PIH to formalize and increasingly invest in the community organizing program, PIH Engage.
Since its inception, PIH Engage has built more than 100 volunteer teams in cities across the country, brought in thousands of new grassroots supporters, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, and developed new capacity to advocate for policies that advance the right to health. Previous to Partners In Health, Jon served as the executive director of GlobeMed, an organization that partners student-led chapters with grassroots health organizations to address health disparities and advocate for global health equity.

Sheena Wood | Community Organizer

Sheena has been organizing with PIH Engage for the past two years, first as a Community Coordinator and now as a Community Organizer based in the Boston office. As Community Organizer,  she works to support each PIH Engage community to drive forward their local campaign.
She loves how, on any given day, she's either on the phone, strategizing with individual teams on how to drive the movement forward, or working with the team in Boston to shape PIH Engage's vision at the broadest levels. A recent grad from Brown University, in her free time you can find Sheena riding her bike through the perilous streets of Boston, attempting to grow tomatoes on her new front deck, playing with her friend's hedgehog, or eating dark chocolate.

Ortal Ullman | Community Organizer

Ortal is a recent graduate from the University of Southern California, where she studied public health.  Ortal has been deeply involved in and dedicated to building movements for social justice for years. At USC, she took leadership roles in building queer-friendly spaces in USC's religious community and creating a safer environment for women on campus. She also helped lead GlobeMed at USC, which committed her to the fight for global health equity for life. After working as a Community Organizer for the Student Global AIDS Campaign and Health GAP after college, she is excited to be joining the PIH team to grow and strengthen the work of the PIH Engage communities.
Lara Silverman | Community Organizing Fellow
After spending a year teaching in the Ecuadorian jungle, Lara moved to Oakland, CA, where she worked to understand the social determinants to health and the inequalities in access to healthcare. She has lived in rural towns from Minnesota to Ecuador and urban cities from Oakland to Boston and believes strongly that health is a human right. 
Her experience community organizing began with the founding of a Frisbee team in college and Lara believes that leadership is born from passion and motivation. She has since worked to promote sensitivity in providing cross-cultural health care, and is excited about working with PIH Engage to  empower anyone who believes that health is a human right to lead in this movement.
Jade Zheng | Community Organizing Fellow
Jade grew up in urban China and spent the last six years studying in the United States. This cross-cultural experience made her aware of the differences on the perception of health as a result of cultural, social and political systems. Prior to PIH Engage, she was a FACE AIDS chapter leader at St. Olaf College for two years, where she was continuously inspired by students’ power and capabilities of leading social change. She is excited to continue this journey at PIH Engage as the data and Nation Builder guru. 

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