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where are the youth
www.grameenscotland.com tracks how scotland has become one of best institutional partners of yunus social business - Gcal having installed yunus as chancellor; sporting the only full time social business chair in health and microcredit; being the founding partners of grameen nursing college

- but scotland doesnt yet linkin any youth competitions- time for any transatlantic networking between scots and us students interest in creating jobs out of social business of healthcare?

from wholeplanet.tv =100 leaders of 2010s youth's most productive decade

200/4 Barbara Parfitt
FREEMARKET Role - Unacknowledged heroine of affordable healthcare and community job creation

What would world miss without Barbara Parfitt?
Recommended peoples purpose of healthcare -affordable so that nobody dies before their time as a joyfully active contributor to business or society - depends on communities celebrating nurses. To deeply understand the possibilities we celebrate understanding the inspiration of Barbara's project of ending nurseless villages.
Having spent most of her life out of Glasgow training as many nurses for the National Health Service as anyone, Barbara decided to become the practice leader of the Grameen Nursing College in Dhaka Bangladesh - the flagship collaboration project of social business healthcare which Dr Yunus first announced to the world in his Laureate speech 2006
Next youth collaboration challenges

As many worldwide youth as possible need to know how and why to advocate for the end nurseless village project as being the most pivotal of all Girl Power projects. It can create tens of millions of jobs for young women who would otherwise be underemployed, or in developing countries married through dowries or other mechanisms that dont empower a human being to develop her own greatest talents

Tens of millions may be an underestimate the more we look at how mobile technology can change total education and health systems. For example village girls can now take mobile ultrasounds around village ,mothers to be so that the ten per cent in danger at birthtime are identified ahead of time. More at http://www.grameenhealthcare.com/

There is ample research to show that vocationally-motivated nurses know how to run more affordable healthcare than lawyers or non-medical administrators. When it comes to doctors and pharmaceutical companies the relationship needs restructuring to take full advantage of the order of magnitude more time that nurses spend with patients and in empowering communities to develop peer to peer knowledge.

Case reference ask for the process a life in the day of a boy with hemophilia which helped to bring together all uk connectors of this specialist community of practice more joyfully as well as more economically.
Norman Macrae Foundation http://www.yclub100.com/ next actions

Norman foresaw how the first net generation designed healthcare as pivotal to creating 3 billion jobs - especially the billion jobs that arise from ensuring that every global village is capable of healthily and productively sustaining children born there

Norman's 1984 survey on healthcare international in The Economist -better quality at an eighth the cost hasn't been followed up purposefully. Time to update it with what we now know digital hubbed communities can prevent, detect and advance wellbeing,

The nice thing about celebrating nurses and networks searching for extremely affordable healthcare is that it advances open source practices and brings down degrees of separation on life critical information searches in ways that make the most value multiplying uses of tim berners open architecture of the worldwide web

Further reference- ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk for notes on applying emotional intelligence to nurses visions of the NHS - a collaboration project of the EU knowledgeboard.com sig on emotional intelligence which chris was volunteer origin of during its first 3 years of knowledge sharing
Most Economic Purpose- affordable health & wellbeing service for all
(social goal nobody dies before their time; ) segmented value multiplying foci: infants. mothers and youth

Major Gamechanger- Free Nursing College -
subsidiaries: e-medic patient-leading edge mobile apps; open gov - statistics that help people and communities make healthier and more economical treatment decisions

A free nursing college aims to end nurseless communities.
Overall Design criteria
Free apprenticeship to those who want to take nursing to communities without nurses especially those with lots of mothers and infants. Such communities benefit economically from having first access to nutritional advice which a village nurse can be a living champion of.

Major Youth Economic Dynamics
The community franchise explores various ways of being a financially sustainable job - these include blending nursing with education, enabling nurse to be a retailer of basic medicines, technology integration of nurse as monitor of advancing warning signals (eg which 10% of mothers are at risk of mortality at birth), transferring focus of how government spends healthcare budget, branding nursing as number 1 focus of foundations concerned with girl effect, valuing nurse as society's number 1 safety agent.

Celebrate informal not just formal value-proven ideas : it is better for a community to have a well-enough trained youngster as a point of contact for nursing inquiries than no contact point at all; maximise mentoring flows from retiring nurses (something formal systems' lawyers actually minimise); new economies of technology treatments are revealing many cases where it is more economic to train a nurse in caring for one type of patients than needing expertise in all patients. Nurses can be the cross-culturally most-trusted person in a community and so a door-opener to society as lab for most urgent redesigns - eg what the UK calls Big Society transfer of governing over to community sustaining its own solutions.

Free tertiary education models have two most economics segments - those who create new jobs, apprenticeships for services where supply is way below demand. Free nursing college is both the most valuable and largest jobs stimulant of apprenticeship-type education.

Nursing can be designed to multiply open-knowledge sharing dynamics of future of economical healthcare with particular focus on wellbeing and prevention targeting otherwise vulnerable demographic groups. There are huger emotional intelligence flows to energise round nurses than any of the other role-players in healthcare. The nurse as heroine is the sign of cultural and cross-cultural sustainability in 21st C
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references pages 160-162 of yunus social business book 2 discuss the beginnings of yunus relationships with Glasgow Caledonian

click below - free download of inaugural issue of journal of social business which includes p155 -p167 paper from Glasgow Caledonian healthcare academic team led by social business professor Cam Donaldson

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