Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grameen Virtually Free Nursing College,- goal end nurseless villages - iis becoming Grameen's signature program for economical healthcare and job creation of girl power. How's that?
21st c village nurses will be as much information networkers as active suppliers - for example yunus has negotiated with GE to develop ultrasound as a mobile app that village girls can use to advance test which mothers to be are at risk of a dangerous birth

if nurses enjoy the most trusted social networks in their communities, that is likely to restore healthcare work to maximising vocational  benefits and reducing monetisation - which is what many people would wish given we're talking about bring down degrees of separation on what occasionally involves life critical information but most of time involves trust and positive emotional intelligence

The Grameen Free Nursing college offers the best of grameen's members' daughters (who have been identified by its secondary scholarship program) the opportunity to be trained up as a nurse for nearly no charge as long as the girl will then return to a village which was previously nurseless

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